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Tomorow, on Thursday the 9th of May 2024 it will be 100 years ago that the first 6 permits for dance events in public in Amsterdam were granted, after a ban of 31 years. In that period the tango arrived in the Netherlands and it was described as the "worst symptom of all of the decay."

Let us be thankful for this century and celebrate the freedom of dancing in public!

Please note: support people who are currently fighting for the right to dance in public. #strafbaariniran #amnesty
Focus Tango Foundation
Stichting Focus Tango (Focus Tango Foundation) was founded on the 10th of March 2022. This non-profit organisation has the purpose to increase the popularity of tango. For example by conserving and disclosing archives and promoting this special cultural heritage. The foundation aims to reach its goal by organizing events, making knowledge more accessible and by initiating collaborations with others.

Are you interested in working with Stichting Focus Tango, for example as a member of the board, volunteer, co-producer or sponsor? Please get in touch and send a message to Stichting Focus Tango, Fatima Leeuwenberg contact@focustango.com or use this contact form.